Saving Lives Together

Priorities - Drink Driving

Campaign overview

(Nov'16 - Jul'17) For over 20 years, the State Government has focused on community education campaigns to raise awareness on the danger of drinking and driving. Encouragingly in the last seven years alone, the number killed or seriously injured on WA roads where alcohol was a factor has reduced from 313 in 2008 to 92 in 2015. But that’s still 92 too many.

 To date, the State Government’s ‘anti-drink driving education campaigns’ have been effective in reducing trauma on our roads. But what do we do about the 14% of WA drivers who despite having the right attitude of knowing the danger of drink driving, still irregularly or regularly offend? This campaign talks to this audience.

Blow 0.05 and You Blow Over

Key messages

  • At .05 you chance of crashing doubles.
  • Don’t let another drink put you over.
  • Blow .05 and you could get a $400 fine.
  • Blow over and you could lose your licence.