Saving Lives Together

Ride to arrive


Campaign overview

This campaign explores the relationship between a motorcyclist’s speed and potential hazards they could face on the road.

Imagine riding down a road and coming face to face with a terrifying and completely unavoidable hazard. It could be an oil spill, a gum nut, a fallen branch, a rock, anything. But the faster you are travelling, the more menacing these hazards become. Conversely, reducing your speed lessens the danger.

The campaign shows a motorcyclist increasing in speed which syncs to the rising danger of obstacles that lie ahead. The pace of the rider influences the size of the hazard before him. Increasing the speed, increases the threat.

Don’t push it. Ride to Arrive

Key messages

  • Speeding impacts your ability to stay in control.
  • The faster you go, the less likely it is you can mitigate unseen risks.
  • There’s no time to prepare for the unexpected if you speed.
  • Rider skill does not necessarily mean better handling of unseen risks.


  • Television 30sec advertisement voiceover script – “The more you push it. The more dangerous the road becomes”
  • Posters (PDF, 2.26 MB) displayed at select Perth and S/W regional sites where riders park their motorcycles, so the campaign message is seen immediately prior to starting their ride