Saving Lives Together

Worried/Grow Up

Campaign Overview

To reduce trauma on our roads, ‘anti-drink driving education’ needs to be constant.
In 2017/18 drink driving will be addressed with dual campaigns promoting both ‘rational’ and ‘emotional’ elements:

Rational key messages

  • Raising the awareness of the risks (i.e. penalties) associated with drink driving.
  • Supporting drink driving enforcement activities by WA Police by creating the perception that if you drink and drive, you will be caught.

Emotional key messages

  • That even if you ‘think’ you’re ok to drive, you might not be;
  • Increasing unacceptability of drink driving in the community.

The summer holiday season is one of high risk, where low-level drink driving is more likely to be justified as a ‘one-off’ or being within self-justified limits.  The drivers we are talking to are cognisant of the dangers of drink driving, but are vulnerable to poor choices.     


Indigenous Advertising

In an effort to provide road safety messaging in a culturally sensitive and acceptable format, we approached Goolarri Media Enterprises (GME) which is located in Broome, to write, produce and schedule the appropriate drink driving message to the Aboriginal people in the north-west of WA.  GME is run by, employs, uses and trains Aboriginal people in all aspects of media in the North-West of the state.

They have produced two TVC’s which will air through their networks to promote the ‘Grow Up’ drink driving message.


  • Television - NW Indigenous TVC1 (transcript, PDF 94 KB)
  • Television - NW Indigenous TVC2 (transcript, PDF 95 KB)