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Radar detectors


Road Safety Commission/State Government Radar detector legislation change campaign educates West Australians on the banning of radar detectors – bringing WA in line with the rest of the country.

From 12 October, the following penalties apply to drivers caught with radar detectors fitted to/within or on their vehicle -  operational or not:
  • When driving a heavy vehicle: $1,500 and 7 demerit points
  • When driving a motor vehicle other than a heavy vehicle: $1,200 and 7 demerit points

The tough new penalty marks the end of the road for those people who think they can outsmart speed cameras with radar detectors.


Establish awareness of the new radar detector legislation and the associated penalties, and know the date that the legislation comes into effect.

It utilises a multi-media approach across television, radio, digital, press and out-of-home advertising in regional WA


Television/digital video:

Pre15sec TVC
Post 15sec TVC
Digital 6sec GIF

Social Media -

Out of home activity -
digital screens in regional pubs and venues

Radar detecctor legislation -
30sec radio A

Radar detecctor legislation -
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