Industry Road Safety Alliances

The Road Safety Alliances, established by the Commission’s Partnership program, focus the efforts of main industry bodies, local and state government agencies on working collaboratively to improve road safety in their region.

There are currently five Road Safety Alliances operating in the State. These include four Industry Road Safety Alliances - South West, Mid-West, Pilbara and Goldfields-Esperance, as well as a newly formed Great Eastern Highway Road Safety Alliance in the Wheatbelt.

All have the primary goal of improving road safety and reducing road trauma within their own regions.

These alliances bring together main industry bodies of the region, the relevant government agencies that have a responsibility for road safety, peak advisory bodies and key corporate organisations. Each Road Safety Alliance has the potential to make strong, positive contributions at a regional level advocating for improvements in the four cornerstones of Roads and Roadsides, Speeds, Road Use and Vehicle Safety.

Towards Zero specifically outlines the initiatives that industries and the corporate world could undertake to contribute to each cornerstone of the road safety strategy for the state.

Social Media

The South West Industry Road Safety Alliance produced a Facebook video for 2017 National Road Safety Week, that features the story of a local family impacted by road trauma in 2016.
In the video, Lauren Jackson talks about the devastation caused by the death of her younger brother Connor in a car crash near their home town of Collie.

Television Commericals

The Mid West Industry Road Safety Alliance (MWIRSA) has successfully executed a road safety campaign consisting of two television commercials titled ‘Tame the Beast’ addressing the safe overtaking of road trains on regional WA roads. The campaign explains safe overtaking of road trains from two sides; from the truck driver’s perspective and from a more humorous back-seat driver perspective in the passing vehicle.

Toolbox Animations

The South West Industry Road Safety Alliance produced a series of high quality videos addressing the signs of fatigue and distraction. These 2-3 minutes videos use whiteboard animations to promote these messages.

The animations were produced by a local media production agency in Bunbury. The intention of these videos will be used in alliance member workplaces; including toolbox meetings, safety moments and at key local events.


BHP Billiton Animations

Synergy Animations