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We’re all responsible for safe roads this Christmas

Ahead of a busy festive season on WA roads, Chairman of the Road Safety Council Iain Cameron has reminded all road users that deaths and serious injuries on the road can happen to any of us.

19 Dec 2018

As families make their way around the state to celebrate Christmas and New Year with loved ones, drivers have been cautioned against being complacent behind the wheel. 

“Road safety is not about someone else, it’s about all of us,” said Mr Cameron. 

“The road safety story has changed, some of us are speeding, some are taking alcohol and driving, some of us aren’t wearing seatbelts, but all of us are distracted and inattentive. 

“Our busy connected lifestyles are causing the trauma on the roads.” 

This Christmas, road users have been warned not to point the finger at someone else, but instead talk their family and friends about taking responsibility on the roads. 

“We all make mistakes, and that’s ok, we’re human, said Mr Cameron. 

“What’s not ok is the lack in concentration so please take care this Christmas and festive season.” 

Visit the Road Safety Commission’s Your Safety pages for information on staying safe on the roads.

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