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Road Safety Council welcomes speed camera location decision

09 Dec 2019

Road Safety Council Chairman Iain Cameron has welcomed a State Government decision to scrap daily speed camera location updates from WA Police Force from 1 January 2020.

Minister for Police and Road Safety Michelle Roberts has announced that Western Australia will use a similar model as Victoria, where an approved list of potential camera locations will be published on the WA Police Force website.

“This decision is a great outcome for our community, giving us safer roads and help more people avoid the trauma and pain of serious road crashes,” said Mr Cameron.

“The majority of the community do not speed, and out of the millions of vehicles monitored by police speed cameras every year, around 1.5 per cent will receive infringements.

“We want to create a general deterrence that anywhere, anytime that you use our roads, you will be monitored and if you are speeding, you will be caught.”

Mr Cameron quickly moved to dispel the myth that removing public access to the daily speed camera locations in WA is a revenue raising tactic by the State Government.

“In these decisions, there is no consideration of revenue implications at all,” said Mr Cameron.

“The majority of the community don’t speed, our community is becoming more compliant with speed limits, so this is just another logical step to encourage all drivers to travel at a safe and appropriate speed.”