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Double demerits now in play for Christmas-New Year period

Minister for Road Safety Michelle Roberts has urged drivers to take extra care driving to celebrate the end of the year with loved ones.

20 Dec 2019
The Minister, Road Safety Council Chairman Iain Cameron and Acting Road Safety Commissioner Roger Farley attended today’s WA Police Force traffic campaign launch on the Royal Perth Hospital helipad.

“We want everyone to enjoy Christmas and the holiday period, but to do so safely,” said Mr Cameron.

“Every death on our roads represents another family missing a loved one at the Christmas table because of road trauma.”

Double demerit points are now in play in WA and will continue until 11.59pm on Sunday, 5 January 2020.

WA Police Force officers will apply double demerit points to all drink and drug driving, red light, seatbelt, mobile phone and speeding offences.

Mr Cameron reminded drivers that the double penalty also applies to speeding drivers who take extreme measures to avoid a speeding fine.

“Some drivers in WA are at risk of losing their licence if they try to evade detection by police,” said Mr Cameron.

“If the driver is convicted of driving a vehicle with a device designed to evade speed camera or driving their vehicle to avoid detection by a speed camera, they will cop 14 points during double demerits periods, putting their licence and livelihood at risk.”

The trio was joined by Commander Mick Sutherland from WA Police Force State Traffic and RPH Director of Trauma Dr Sudhaka Rao on the helipad of Royal Perth Hospital.
Drivers are reminded to take utmost care this holiday period, to be well rested, avoid distractions and manage fatigue on all journeys.

“Road trauma, in deaths and serious injuries, costs Western Australia an estimated $20 billion annually,” said Road Safety Council chairman Iain Cameron.

“But the cost to families, loved ones, friends and the general community is measured in devastation and grief, not money.”
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