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Slow down as school starts across WA

The Road Safety Commission reminds all drivers that hundreds of thousands of children will return to the classroom next week, as the new school year begins.

31 Jan 2019
Motorists are reminded to slow down around schools and observe the 40km/h speed limit within signed school zones between 7.30am and 9am and 2.30pm and 4pm.

“Many children will be making their way to school for the first time, whether that is walking, riding or in the car with Mum and Dad,” said Acting Road Safety Commissioner Teresa Williams.

“We remind all road users to be extra vigilant as children can be unpredictable around roads and vehicles, especially on a day as exciting as the first day of school.

“WA Police Force will also be patrolling school zones to ensure drivers adhere to the slower speed limits around school pick up and drop off times.”

The usual speeding penalties will apply to those motorists caught exceeding the speed limit in school zones.
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