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Cyclists and the road rule

A conversation around cyclists and the road rules has been sparked on social media, prompting Acting Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron to remind West Australians that many road rules apply to anyone in charge of a vehicle, including cyclists

24 Jul 2018

WA Police Force officers recently fined a woman for using a mobile phone while riding her bicycle, which has surprised some members of the public.

While there are offences specific to cyclists, such as riding two abreast no more than 1.5 metres apart or not riding a bicycle within two metres of the rear of a motor vehicle, cyclists must also adhere to more general road rules.

“Many traffic offences within the Road Traffic Code 2000 apply to the definition of a vehicle, which includes a bicycle or animal that can be ridden, and those riding a bicycle or animal are also considered drivers of a vehicle,” said Mr Cameron.

“If you are riding a bicycle, you will be subject to mobile phone and drink driving offences and the reason for that is safety as you pose a risk to yourself and other road users if you are riding while distracted or impaired.”

The community is encouraged to brush up on their knowledge of WA road rules, starting with our Rules and Penalties page which highlights the most asked about traffic regulations.

If you are a resident of Western Australia, we welcome your views, whether you are a cyclist, a driver, or both on the survey at


  • Neil Hackett 27/07/2018 12:13:26 PM
    Thank you for the clarification. It would also help immensely if the RSC made it unequivocally clear in a publication that under existing WA Road Rules cyclists ARE permitted to ride 2-abreast on ALL roads at ALL times in Western Australia. That would assist with the perceived conflict between motorists and cyclists in WA and contribute to saving lives.

  • Leonard Hall 27/07/2018 5:47:46 PM
    I would like to know if I am riding my bicycle on a dual use path at the side of a road such as West Swan Road am I breaking the law if I stop my bicycle and dismount to answer a telephone call on my mobile phone.

  • Al' 4/08/2018 10:45:59 AM
    Well done! This is a very important issue, many people do not understand that all road users, (not just car/bus/truck drivers) have the same rights AND responsibilities. It is quite a shame how many people believe that by riding a bike they become immune from laws such as, red lights, not riding the wrong way down the road, mobile phone usage and drunk driving. Around a 1km radius from where I live, it is not uncommon to see cyclists; drunk, drugged, and riding the wrong way down the road with no illumination (Oh sorry, one guy did have a torch he was shining at cars to make sure they saw him), these people would never drive a car under the same circumstances. As cycling becomes more popular it will become increasingly important to make sure that all cyclists understand that they have the same responsibilities as every other road user. Please cycling lobbies, don't make it seem like cyclists don't have to abide by rules like, drink driving, mobile phone usage, riding on the left hand side of the road and having proper lighting. It will only make cycling more dangerous. And we really don't need that.

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