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WA motorcyclist riders have their say on safety

More than 850 West Australians provided input on the State Government’s Motorcycle Safety Reforms Consultation Paper and Survey.

23 Jul 2018

Over four weeks, the community was asked to share their opinion on five proposed reforms to improve the safety of those who ride motorcycles and mopeds in Western Australia.

The proposed changes outlined in the Motorcycle Safety Reforms Consultation Paper were:

  • Amendments to the Road Traffic Code 2000, to provide clarity regarding the practices of motorcycle lane filtering and splitting; and

  • Enhancing the current licensing and testing requirements for motorcycles and mopeds by including: 

    • minimum learner’s permit tenure period;

    • a pre-licence motorcycle specific Hazard Perception Test (HPT);

    • a minimum two-year restricted licence (LAMS) phase on R-E class motorcycles; and

    • increasing the rigour of the two motorcycle PDA (for R-E class and R class vehicles). Assessments for R class vehicles to be more rigorous than that of R-E class vehicles, reflecting the higher order skills required for a more powerful motorcycle.

Acting Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron said the response from the community has been fantastic.

“We’ve been talking extensively with motorcyclists over the past month or so, and now we’ve had 858 submissions on the future of motorcycle safety in this state,” said Mr Cameron.

“Add to that the 60 or 70 riders who attended the Motorcycle Safety Forum last month who provided some really good dialogue into the issue of lane filtering and possible changes to the motorcycle licensing system.”

“We look forward to sharing the feedback we have received from the community in the future.”

In consultation with Department of Transport, WA Police Force and Main Roads WA, the Road Safety Commission will review submissions and prepare advice for the Minister with respect to the possible progression of reforms based on community feedback and impact analysis.

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