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Community forums to commence in Perth’s northern suburbs

The Road Safety Council commences a state-wide series of more than 50 community and stakeholder forums in Greenwood next Monday.

26 Jun 2019
As part of the Community Consultation for the development of the State’s next road safety strategy, the community is invited to attend the forums to discuss the Community Consultation Paper and Feedback Form.

"Over the past ten years, Western Australia has recorded a 30 per cent reduction in road trauma," said Road Safety Council Chairman Iain Cameron.

"However, it is little comfort to the people involved, their families, their friends and colleagues with lives changed forever. No one accepts road trauma."

People can register to attend a Community Forum in their area or region by visiting Imagine Zero website.

The community will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss the scenarios outlined in the Community Consultation paper to reduce road trauma on WA roads.

“The most progressive Australian states and countries, including the member countries of the European Union, have now set their sights on zero and set targets to reach zero by 2050,” said Mr Cameron.

“Imagine zero serious trauma on our roads and tell us what you are prepared to do in order for WA to pursue that same goal."

Community feedback will assist the Road Safety Council in preparing a draft road safety strategy beyond 2020 for the WA government to consider.

The community can access the consultation paperonline survey and register for a community and stakeholder forum on the Imagine Zero website.
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