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Motorcycle bus lane signs to be removed

24 Jun 2020

Road signs permitting motorcyclists to ride in selected bus lanes around Perth will be removed.

A trial allowing motorcycle riders to share the bus lanes concluded that there are no safety benefits, and that poor visibility and line of sight of motorcyclists posed a road safety risk.

The ‘shared’ bus lane signs will be removed from the following routes:

  • Fitzgerald St
  • Beaufort St
  • South Street
  • Ranford Road
  • Albany Highway
After the conclusion of a Public Transport Authority trial, the Road Safety Commission examined the available information to ascertain road safety implications of allowing motorcycles in bus lanes, including:
  • Consultation with key stakeholders
  • Results of the trial led by the Public Transport Authority1
  • Local crash data
  • Results from similar international trials and road safety research evidence 2 & 3
  • Video footage provided by the PTA4
Consideration of the full breadth of information and evidence guided the recommendation not to continue   or expand the trial.
  • An increased risk of collisions between drivers turning right and motorcycles driving in the bus lane who continue straight ahead
  • Pedestrians crossing the roads and ‘not seeing’ motorcycle riders due to a recognised limitation of the human brain known as ‘inattentional blindness’
  • Speed differentials worsening between motorcycles using bus lanes and queues of stationary traffic, with differences in speed being recognised as a factor that can increase crash risk
  • Similar international trials concluding a substantial increase in crashes involving motorcycle riders in bus lanes
The State Government is committed to improving the safety of motorcyclists, including ongoing research and education through the WA Centre for Road Safety Research, enhancements to the motorcycle graduated rider licencing program and contributing to a national motorcycle clothing testing program, MotoCAP.

Motorcyclists need to be aware that a $100 infringement and 3 demerit points apply to drivers of vehicles using bus lanes illegally, as stated in the Road Traffic Code 2000.

Public Transport Authority report
Powered two-wheeler drivers' crash risk associated with the use of bus lanes
Understanding Road Safety Impact of High-Performance Bus Rapid Transit & Busway Design Features
Please contact the Public Transport Authority for more information

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