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Humour sparks serious motorcycle safety message.

Airbags for your handlebars. Full body carbon fibre suits. Adult training wheels.

17 Mar 2019
All far-fetched safety devices that feature in the State Government’s new digital motorcycle education campaign designed to spark a road safety conversation among motorcycle riders in WA.

An actor posing as a sales person in a Perth motorcycle shop demonstrated the crazy safety devices to real WA motorcycle riders, with authentic reactions used to create the $210,000 The Serious Sale campaign.

“Motorcycle riders are extremely vulnerable on our roads as they don’t have the same protection as motor vehicle occupants, despite travelling at the same speeds.” said Road Safety Council Chairman Iain Cameron.

“This digital campaign uses a series of weird safety devices to ultimately informs riders of the real risks motorcycle riders encounter and the safety options available to them at the point of sale."

The campaign highlights the importance of riding to conditions, anti-lock braking systems that will soon be mandatory in Australia and MotoCAP safety ratings for protective clothing for safety and comfort.

The MotoCAP website now puts Australian motorcycle protective gear under a rigorous testing regime and gives ratings for protection and comfort to help riders choose the safest pants, jackets and gloves for riding.

The results of independent testing of motorcycle helmets can be found on the Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets (CRASH) website, with a star rating from 1 to 5 awarded for safety and comfort.

From November 2019, a new Australian Design Rule requires all new motorcycles sold in Australia to be fitted with an Advanced Braking System (ABS), which according to a MUARC evaluation into the effectives of ABS on motorcycle safety, could result in a 31% reduction in death and severe injury in a crash.

For more information on how to stay safe on your motorcycle, visit the Road Safety Commission’s safety pages on motorcyclesand motorcyclists.
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