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Road Ribbon for Road Safety

The WALGA RoadWise Road Ribbon for Road Safety Campaign has begun, raising awareness of road safety ahead of the festive season.

28 Nov 2018
The campaign was launched on World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims on 18 November and will run until 4 January 2019.

Minister for Road Safety and Acting Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron attended a World Day of Remembrance commemorative ceremony at the University of WA for victims of road trauma in Western Australia on Sunday.

The Road Ribbon for Road Safety Campaign, an initiative borne from a concept by Wheatbelt farmer, Noel Stone from Quairading, began in 2014.

The campaign aligns its road safety message with Towards Zero 2008-2020, WA's road safety strategy and urges people to work together to achieve zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

WALGA RoadWise would like the community to be involved and share the road safety message with friends and family by:
  • Wearing a road ribbon.
  • Downloading an e-Ribbon and send to friends, families and colleagues.
  • Acknowledging that zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads is achievable.
  • Making road safety the hero this festive season.
  • Hosting a Road Ribbon for Road Safety event or incorporating the messages into existing events.
  • Erecting a road safety display promoting the campaign and its messages.
  • Supporting local road safety initiatives being implemented by Local Governments and RoadWise Committees.
  • Utilising local media, organisation websites and social media accounts; #RoadRibbonforRoadSafety #RoadWise.
  • Distributing road ribbons through a counter display or at local events.
  • Simply telling people about the campaign and promoting road safety messages.
You can get more information on the Road Ribbon for Road Safety campaign from WALGA RoadWise.
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