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The human impact of road trauma

145 pairs of empty shoes laid out in front of St Georges Cathedral in Perth today has revealed the human impact of road trauma on the West Australian community.

29 Nov 2018

Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts and Road Safety Council Chairman Iain Cameron viewed the confronting display today that represents the men, women, children and babies who have lost their lives on WA roads in 2018.

“Think about the 145 families and friends, work colleagues, that won’t be seeing those people who have lost their lives on the roads this year,” said Mrs Roberts.

“The Road Safety Council and WA Police Force are doing all that they can to try and prevent deaths on West Australian roads, however, this is a 2.5 million square kilometre state and WA police can’t be at every regional location.

“Many of the 145 people didn’t break a road rule, they were simply tired, they were distracted or didn’t drive to the road conditions, so think about who will be at your Christmas table this year and take that extra care.”

As traffic volumes increase with people traveling around the state to spend time with their families, drivers are reminded to take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe journey.

“The road safety messages here today are for you, your family, my family, they are not someone else’s family, this problem is for all of us,” said Mr Cameron.

“Some of us take risks, and I think we know those messages around speeding, drink driving and wearing seatbelts.

“The message for all of us is that we are all vulnerable, we all make mistakes, we’re far too distracted, we’re far too tired and at 110km/h, those crashes off the side of a country road are always serious.”

The State Government will begin a community education campaign this weekend, to remind drivers of their responsibility to keep themselves, their loved ones and other road users safe over the festive season.

We’re watching you emphasizes to those drivers who continue to take risks on the road that WA Police Force will be watching, and with more cameras and more patrols, you will get caught.

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