Saving Lives Together

Mt Lawley PS appreciate their school traffic wardens

17 Nov 2020

Road Safety Commissioner Adrian Warner met with Mt Lawley Primary School’s Year 6 students Renee Yu, Anya Prabica and Kloe Megaw on Thank a School Traffic Warden Day for National Road Safety Week 2020.

Renee, Anya and Kloe are Sustainability Captains of their school, and part of their duties is school traffic management to keep students safe on their journey to and from school.

The trio told Mr Warner they will be presenting Thank a School Traffic Warden certificates to the people who keep their fellow students safe while crossing Beaufort Street and Clifton Crescent.

“I feel safe walking to school and the drivers are respectful and slow down for the students,” said Kloe.

“I always use the school traffic wardens to cross the road when I walk to school,” said Anya.

“It’s great to see students involved in setting school traffic management for their classmates, ensuring they are safe during the busy drop off and pick up times at school,” said Mr Warner.

“I was very impressed to hear that Renee, Anya and Kloe feel safe when making their way to school as a result of the safe practices put in place by their school.”

Schools, teachers, and students can get involved in National Road Safety Week with resources available for class and home on the NRSW Resources page.