Saving Lives Together

Wheatbelt farmer shines a light on regional road safety this NSRW

19 Nov 2020

National Road Safety Week will switch focus to regional roads this Friday, 20 November with the theme Shine a Light on regional road safety.

Fatalities and serious injuries on regional roads continue to be over-represented in WA crash statistics with around 60% of all deaths occurring on country roads.

The Road Safety Commission approached Wheatbelt farmer and photographer Alan Carter to produce an image that embodied the Shine a Light message for National Road Safety Week.

“I am a keen photographer and the prospect of being involved in a ‘shoot’ like this was a great opportunity to add to my experience and learn some new skills,” said Mr Carter. 

“Rural communities are very tight knit within towns and between towns - we do business, socialise, and play sport within our regions - and every loss of life or major injury has an impact on us all. 

“No one’s life or physical ability to realise their goals need be cut short by a small inattention while on the road.

“The response from the members of the community was very positive and I had no trouble getting willing participants at first request.”

To raise awareness of the Shine a Light theme, motorists around the state are encouraged to switch on their headlights, making themselves more visible to other road users, even in daylight.

Last year, 85 lives were lost on regional roads in WA.