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Stories for Generation 2050 – A road safety snapshot

The Road Safety Commission will encapsulate all aspects of road safety in 2020 for comparison by future generations in 2050, when it’s hoped road trauma will be an issue of the past.

09 Oct 2019
Western Australians affected by road trauma are encouraged to participate in Stories for Generation 2050 – sharing their experiences as victims, family of victims, emergency service personnel and as communities who have suffered the loss of friends and colleagues.

“We often talk about the safety improvements made to roads, vehicles, driver behaviour and post-crash care over time, but one thing that doesn’t change is the effect of road trauma on the community,” said Road Safety Council Chairman Iain Cameron.

“The aim of Stories for Generation 2050 is to capture the human element of road trauma, and the ripple effect it has on family, friends and emergency services personnel.”

The stories will be collated and included in a time capsule that will be buried in a prominent Perth location next year to be opened by future generations in 2050.

“In 2050, we may be looking back, having forgotten the burden road trauma had on the Western Australian community,” said Mr Cameron.

“The Road Safety Commission would love to hear from Western Australians willing to be a part of this snapshot of road safety history and have their past experiences captured for future generations.”

Following an extensive community consultation phase, with public input gathered at State-wide forums and from online submissions, the Road Safety Council will now prepare a draft new road safety strategy for consideration by the Minister for Road Safety, to replace Towards Zero 2008 – 2020.

“Other countries, including those in the European Union as well New South Wales here in Australia, have already turned their minds to zero road deaths and serious injuries by 2050 or 2056,” said Mr Cameron.

“My hope is that by 2050, Western Australia is very close to zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads, and that our new road safety strategy challenges us a long way to eliminating road trauma.”

The capsule will also include other aspects of road safety, such as road death statistics, campaign and vehicle advertisements, vehicle safety features and advancements in autonomous vehicles.

The Commission would also like suggestions as to which aspects of road safety the community believes would interest future generations.

Visit the Road Safety Commission website for details on how to submit an experience to Stories for Generation 2050, which can be done online, via email or regular mail.
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