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Ian Blackley shares 45 years of motorcycle safety knowledge

Ian Blackley is well known as a Western Australian radio broadcaster, who can currently be heard entertaining Perth listeners every morning on 6IX Breakfast.

10 Oct 2019
However, some people may not know that the 61 year old is also a life-long motorcycle rider.

“I love them, and I’ve had a motorcycle licence since I was 17, in fact I got one before a car licence’” said Ian.

“I’ve owned over 50 motorcycles in that time, I’ve ridden across Australia and back eight or nine times, and circumnavigated the country once,” said Ian.

As riders around Australia participate in the annual Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week, it’s safe to say Ian is well placed to share his experience with other Western Australians who use a motorcycle for their daily commute.

“You’ve got to be 100 per cent intent on getting from point A to point B in one piece, because it’s bloody dangerous out there,” said Ian.

“The thing that really scares me is the number of guys and girls you see lane splitting down the freeway at 100km/h plus, you sort of think, you’re really throwing the dice,” said Mr Blackley.

“And the number of people I see on the streets who expect people to stop at red lights, to stop at stop signs, to give way, and they don’t always do that.”

Ian has offered some sage advice for those returning riders, with statistics showing that 16 of the 28 motorcycle riders who have already lost their lives in WA were aged 40 and over.

“If you’re going to get back on a motorcycle, don’t let the ego get in the way, I would go and have a bit of a refresher course,” said Iain.

“If you can afford to, buy a bike with sideways traction control, ABS braking, you know all the fruit because a lot of the bikes out there today take all the drama out of it because they cover your mistakes.

“There are still a lot of bikes that don’t over your mistakes and they’re mainly the bikes these guys go and buy after they’ve been off them for a long time because they’re not expensive.

“But go and take a few lessons, because that’s probably all you need to remind yourself, because we can all die.”

See more of Ian’s advice for safe motorcycle riding on WA roads on the Road Safety Commission’s Facebook and YouTube.

The Road Safety Commission website has more information on motorcycle safety, and all riders are encouraged to have their say on the future of road safety in WA but participating in the Imagine Zero Community Consultation to shape the State’s next road safety strategy.


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