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Australia Post joins road safety advisory group

The Road Safety Commission has welcomed new contributions to the Vulnerable Road Users’ Advisory Group, with Australia Post to provide valuable input to road safety in WA.

12 Sep 2018

In November 2016, the Commission established the Vulnerable Road Users’ Advisory Group (VRUAG) to give a voice to seniors and people with disabilities, pedestrians, motorcycle riders and cyclists.

Australia Post employees Richard Brooks and Kalinda Mitchell (above) represented the service at their first VRUAG meeting recently and talked about the how they’re helping their employees who ride motorcycles, electric bikes, trikes, and walk, to stay safe on the job.

“We send out a couple of thousand posties every morning and we want them to come back safely,” said Richard. “We have halved the number of safety incidents in the past five years by encouraging staff to monitor their own behaviour.”

Australia Post this month launched a national road safety campaign to raise community awareness about the safety of their posties, who are exposed to road trauma as part of their daily business.

The campaign 'Stay alert! There's a life riding on it' is part of a $30 million safety strategy by Australia Post for a zero-harm workplace. It reminds the public to watch out for Posties.
Top tips include:

  • Keeping your mobile phone out of reach when driving
  • Tooting your horn and moving slowly when reversing out of your driveway
  • Slowing down when approaching roundabouts
  • Using your mirrors and checking your blind spots for motorcycles and cyclists before turning or changing lanes
  • Keeping your dog confined to your property and on a leash when off your property.
Every workday, three posties are injured in motor vehicle crashes nationally, often involving other vehicles.
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