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Don’t drink and drive this AFL Grand Final day

West Australian footy fans set to celebrate, or commiserate, the result of Saturday’s AFL Grand Final have been urged by the Road Safety Commission to stay safe on the roads.

26 Sep 2018
Acting Commissioner Iain Cameron said the best game plan is to organise your journey home before you leave the house.

“If you know you’ll have a few drinks watching the game at a mate’s house or down at the pub, leave the car at home,” said Mr Cameron.

“Have the local taxi number handy, download the apps, or plan your journey using public transport before you head out for the day.”

However, it’s a different case for footy fans living in smaller regional towns or remote areas.

“In country areas, there are limited options of how to get home after a few drinks,” said Mr Cameron.

“Taxis and public transport are unlikely to be an option so be smart ahead of time and organise some accommodation in town or ask a friend for a bed for the night.

“Please don’t drink and drive, because you’re not only putting yourself in danger, but others using the roads as well.”

Last year in WA, 35 people lost their lives in alcohol-related crashes on WA roads, with 80 per cent of those deaths occurring on regional roads.

WA Police Force will be anywhere, anytime to ensure drivers are doing the right thing on the roads this Saturday.

Get more information on the dangers of driving while impaired by alcohol here.

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