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WA footy fans urged to fight fatigue on long drive to the MCG

Acting Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron has urged West Coast Eagles fans to be prepared and take the necessary precautions if they're making the trip across the Nullabor to the MCG for Saturday's AFL Grand Final.

25 Sep 2018
“I am a bit concerned, as I’ve heard some people don’t plan to leave WA until later in the week,” said Mr Cameron.

“Please don’t underestimate how long it takes to get to Melbourne by road, while a quick internet search tells you it only takes so many hours, you need to allow plenty of time.”

“This is a very long distance and we don’t want people driving straight through from Perth to Melbourne.”
Fatigue is a major factor in fatal and serious injury crashes on WA roads, particularly in regional areas, where 13 people lost their lives in fatigue-related crash last year.

“Fatigue is the silent killer on our roads and we recommend you don’t try to make this trip alone, the distance is far too great,” said Mr Cameron.

“Make sure you swap drivers, take regular breaks, book accommodation along the way and get a good night’s rest.

“If you ignore the early warning signs of fatigue, such as being distracted, missing the last song on the radio or slowing down unintentionally, it could be too late, and the consequences could be catastrophic.”
“And don’t forget, the same advice applies to the trip back to Western Australia, as we want everyone to make it home safely.”

Get more information on how to combat fatigue on our roads here.
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