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Road Traffic Code 2000 Review of Penalties 2019

The Road Safety Commission's (Commission) Road Traffic Code 2000 – Review of Penalties 2019 has been tabled in State Parliament and will now be considered by the State Government.

06 Sep 2019
This is most comprehensive review of monetary penalties within Western Australia's Road Traffic Code 2000 to date and is the first review of monetary penalties conducted since 2012.

 “The review looked at the effectiveness of WA’s current monetary penalties, how WA compares with other Australian jurisdictions, and the opportunities to bring WA into line with penalties currently in place around the country,” said Acting Road Safety Commissioner Simon Grieve.

“Out of that review we’ve made 21 recommendations that cover over 140 different offence penalties which State Government is now considering.”

The Commission considered approximately 1,300 offence penalties across all States and Territories during the review.

“Low level speeding offences is one example of where we have fallen well behind the other jurisdictions, we’ve recommended monetary penalty increases of around 50 per cent,” said Mr Grieve.

“There is a need to maintain an appropriate deterrent for people to speed across all States and Territories, but because we are lagging the other jurisdictions in monetary penalties, there isn’t that level of deterrence in WA.”

The Road Safety Commission is currently considering recommendations regarding mobile phone monetary penalties in Western Australia which will be presented to State Government for consideration shortly.


    Pointless increasing penalties for so many offences that are not policed. Change that Traffic Strategy to police all offences and empower those officers with training and independence from other streams of policing.
    8/09/2019 9:37:54 AM

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