Call for national caravan safety standards

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15 Jun 2017

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia has called on the Australian caravan industry to move quickly on manufacturing safety standards, following a recent fatal crash on Indian Ocean Drive.

A Singaporean tourist drifted into the path of a four-wheel drive towing a caravan in Breton Bay. The impact of the crash caused the caravan to splinter and the tourist was killed.

“The crash on Indian Ocean Drive on WA Day this year was caused by human error, but no one should have died that day,” said Mr Papalia.
I believe this death was due to a lack of industry safety standards for caravans. This caravan should not have exploded as it did due to the impact of the crash.
Mr Papalia said an overhaul of caravan manufacturing and importation standards was necessary to ensure the safety of all road users in Australia.

“There is a real downfall in terms of safety standards for the Australian caravan industry and I’m calling on the State Coroner to inquest this death to establish that there is an issue,” said Mr Papalia.

Mr Papalia said there are currently 46 Australian design rules that apply to the manufacture of caravans in Australia, but there no regulations for caravans that are imported or constructed at private homes.

“We have engaged with the caravan industry who have raised their own concerns about the safety standards of caravans,” said Mr Papalia.
Caravanning in Australia is the largest domestic holiday option for young families, but there is very limited safety information available on the vehicle they are buying and putting on the road.
“We now need further engagement to prioritise nation-wide safety standards for caravans so we can better inform those looking to purchase, import or manufacture a caravan to a safe standard.”


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