Dangers of distracted driving on display

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10 May 2017

A harsh reminder of the dangers of distracted driving will be on display around Perth during National Road Safety Week, May 8-14 2017.

Road Safety Commission research has found that while 90% of WA drivers know that it’s wrong to use a mobile phone in the car, 57% continue to do so.

“In WA, it seems drivers have a compulsion to check their text messages while behind the wheel putting other road users at risk,” said Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia.

But smartphone apps such as maps and social media sites also provide a distraction for drivers.

“If you take your eyes off the road for two seconds at 60kmh, it’s like driving blind for 33 metres, and you don’t see risk coming, nor do you have the opportunity to respond, until all too often it’s too late.”

The Distracted Driver Display can be seen in the following locations around Perth, during National Road Safety Week:
  • Langley Park – Wednesday May 10
  • Fremantle Markets – Thursday May 11
  • Perth Cultural Centre – Friday May 12
  • Lakeside Joondalup – Saturday May 13
  • Forrest Place – Saturday May 13
  • Armadale Shopping City – Sunday May 14


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