Driving in the Pilbara from a truckie’s perspective

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06 Feb 2017

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia has been given a ‘truckie’s eye view’ of the daily life of road train drivers in the North West of Western Australia.
Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls Inc founder and CEO Heather Jones invited the Commissioner to climb aboard a three-trailer road train, and take the wheel on a return trip from Karratha to the Wheatstone Project in Onslow.
“Heather has provided the Road Safety Commission with a sensational opportunity to gain insight from a perspective many others would not have,” said Mr Papalia.

“This is a chance to find the design gaps in infrastructure for heavy vehicles and other road users on regional roads in WA, and work on better ways to accommodate all vehicles on our roads.”

Mr Papalia said Monday’s road trip with Ms Jones would assist the RSC in better designing infrastructure to support road safety in regional WA, including rest stops and road improvements.

“We’ve seen hazards such as flooding from heavy rainfall and stray cattle crossing the roads, as well as people broken down in very isolated locations,’ said Mr Papalia.

“All of these occurrences are just part of the daily life of truck drivers in the North West and we don’t experience that in any other part of the world.”

Photo courtesy of Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls Inc.


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