First red light-speed safety cameras for Geraldton

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04 Aug 2017

The State Government continues to work with the community to save lives on WA roads by reducing road trauma associated with speed.
Motorists in Geraldton will notice activity at two North West Coastal Highway sites, with the installation of the City’s first red light-speed safety cameras, at the intersections of Place Road and Johnston/Eastward Roads.
Red light-speed safety cameras detect drivers who contravene red traffic lights, as well as drivers who speed through the intersection at any phase of the lights sequence.
Acting Commissioner for Road Safety Iain Cameron said the North West Coastal Highway intersections have been identified as high-risk crash sites based on crash data analysis.
“Intersection or right-angle crashes are our most severe type of urban crash, with any impact above 50kmh highly likely to result in serious, or even fatal, injuries,” said Mr Cameron.
“We need to make our intersections as safe as possible, and two ways to do that is get the speed down and deter drivers from running red lights.
When we place red light-speed cameras at high-risk intersections we see a dramatic improvement, in terms of the number of crashes going down and driver behaviour from a speed point of view.
“Most drivers do the right thing, however enforcement, including automated enforcement, is a reminder to everyone to do the right thing to keep people safe at intersections.”

A list of safety camera locations around Western Australia is provided by WA Police.


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