Have yourself a demerit free Christmas

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22 Dec 2016

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia has urged West Australian drivers to be safe as they make their way to Christmas and New Year celebrations over the next week.

Double demerit points come into force from midnight Thursday December 22nd 2016 and remain in place until midnight Sunday January 8th 2017.

Mr Papalia said double demerits were designed to encourage drivers to be extra vigilant during holiday periods.

“We want West Australians to travel safely to celebrate Christmas and New Year with their families and friends,” said Mr Papalia.

“Drivers should always take responsibility behind the wheel, but it is particularly relevant during holiday periods when there are more vehicles on the road.”

Drivers caught using a mobile phone, speeding, drink or drug driving, running a red light or not wearing a seatbelt will receive the double penalties.

“Slow down, belt up and take regular breaks if you are traveling long distances,” said Mr Papalia.

“If you plan to drink, plan not to drive and switch your mobile phone off while you’re driving, as we can save lives by making a change to our behaviour behind the wheel.”

The Road Safety Commission website has more information on double demerit points and the penalties drivers face if caught breaking the road rules in Western Australia.

Operation Metaphor, a response to the spike in regional road deaths in WA in 2016, has also been launched ahead of Christmas.

The operation Metaphor will see highly visible and targeted patrols on roads within the 250km radius of Perth, with police enforcing those offences strongly associated with serious crashes.

Around 70% of all fatalities in 2016 have occurred within the 250km radius of Perth.


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