Operation Metaphor reaches out to regional WA

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11 Jan 2017

The State Government’s $2.6 million summer road safety campaign is targeting those offences known to contribute to a high number of fatal and serious injury crashes in WA.

Operation Metaphor will provide increased police patrols within a 250 kilometre radius of Perth, with officers focused on offences such as speeding, drink and drug driving, failure to wear seatbelts and mobile phone distraction.

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia said Operation Metaphor was launched in response to the tragic number of deaths on roads in regional WA in 2016.

“Most drivers in WA do the right thing on our roads, but we know there is that small group of people who through their attitude and action represent risk on our roads,” said Mr Papalia.

“These are the drivers who are convinced they’re skills and ability are so much better than others that the rules shouldn’t apply, sadly they fail to understand that we share the roads.”

Mr Papalia said the spike in regional road deaths reflected a national trend and posed a challenge for regional communities.

“In 2016 the cause of crash has been confronting, speed, alcohol use, in-car distraction through use of mobile phones and not wearing seatbelts have all contributed to the carnage on our roads and casualties in ER,” said Mr Papalia.

“While we can build safer and more forgiving roads and we can promote safer vehicles on our roads, ultimately it comes down to the occupants of the car.

“If you continue to drive when you’re tired, if you choose to drive when you’ve been drinking or have used drugs, even prescription medication if it has warnings, if you don’t wear a seatbelt or you travel at a speed that isn’t appropriate to your experience or the circumstances you’re faced with, then regrettably the consequences may be sudden and fatal.”

Mr Papalia said the Road Safety Commission would work closely with regional communities in 2017 in a bid to save lives in country WA.

“It has been my experience that you can achieve a far better response to threats within a community when you have clear understanding of your environment, and in 2017 we will implement the Intelligence Centre that will manage road safety knowledge,” said Mr Papalia.

“We will extend our reach into regional WA establishing, new relationships to promote better outcomes in road safety, enlisting the involvement of locals who know the issues they face and what may be done about it.”

In 2016, the State Government allocated $157m from the Road Trauma Trust Account for projects to reduce risk on our roads.


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