Perth radio explores road safety issues

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09 May 2017

Day two of National Road Safety Week was marked by a public Town Hall meeting in the centre of Perth, which was broadcast live by Talkback radio station, 6PR.

One of the guests was road trauma survivor Danny Harrison, who spoke about a serious car crash when he was 17, which changed his life forever.

Danny says he was influenced by his mates when he drove his vehicle at 200 kilometres per hour after drinking at a pub near Boddington.

“I remember being at the party and everybody saying, put your foot down,” he told 6PR Mornings presenter Gareth Parker and the 6PR audience.

I was feeling cocky, a typical teenager, bullet-proof. Then, bang, my life changed and I woke up a different person. 

Danny was in a coma for six weeks after the crash and has had numerous operations including brain surgery and a tracheotomy. 

His Road Safety Week message to teenagers is to resist being influenced by their peers when they’re behind the wheel.

“It can happen in the blink of an eye and it’s so easy to avoid. For once, just listen to your parents,” he said. 


Claire Thomas

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