RSC hunts for innovative road safety solutions

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19 Jan 2017

The Road Safety Commission is committed to a worldwide search for innovative technology to tackle WA’s deadly addiction to mobile phone use by drivers.

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia will observe a demonstration of advanced camera technology from Sydney company Parking Strategy, that can capture illegal phone use in moving vehicles.

“The Road Safety Commission has an obligation to proactively find potential solutions to deter drivers from using phones on WA roads, and this technology is just one possible solution,” said Mr Papalia.

“Things have changed since mobile phone laws were introduced in 2001. We now have smartphones and that increases the risk as people have developed an addiction to responding to calls and messages as well as posting on social media..”

Parking Strategy, using advanced camera systems, recently observed 418 infringements by drivers within a 12 hour period.

“Those survey results out of Sydney confirm that mobile phone use in cars is not just a concern in Western Australia, but nationally and internationally,” said Mr Papalia.

“An infringement was sighted on average every 103 seconds, as some drivers continue to put lives at risk because they are unable to put down the phone.”

TNS Australia’s research, conducted on behalf of the Road Safety Commission in 2015, produced alarming figures in terms of mobile phone use by WA drivers.

While 90 per cent of respondents said they knew the dangers associated with mobile phone use in the car, 57 per cent  of those surveyed admitted to offending.

The current penalty for drivers caught using a mobile phone in WA is a $400 fine and three demerit points. For more information visit the mobile phones road rules page.


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