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WA drivers are slowing down

Road Safety Council Chairman Iain Cameron has welcomed new data that shows WA drivers recorded the highest rate of compliance of speed limits on WA roads in 2018.

30 Oct 2019
The Trends in Driver Speed Behaviours on Rural and Metro Road Networks 2000 – 2018 reports released today, show that the rate of drivers who travel at or below the speed limit on metropolitan and regional roads has improved significantly since speed surveys began.

The 2018 data shows speed limit compliance on regional roads has improved 11.5 per cent to 72 per cent of drivers, while an improvement of 16.5 per cent to 69.5 per cent of drivers was recorded on metro roads.

Metro drivers were most compliant in 80km/h zones, while regional areas were most compliant in 70km/h zones. The poorest compliance by both regional and metro drivers was recorded on roads with a 60km/h speed limit.

“This new data is evidence that most people driving on our roads do the right thing and stick to the speed limit," said Road Safety Council Chairman Iain Cameron.  

“This is helping to save lives and reduce injuries, contributing in part to a 32% reduction in the number of people killed and seriously injured on WA roads over the past ten years. 

"The longer term trends in speeding behaviour show that a greater safety culture exists compared to 2000, with about 7 in every 10 drivers complying with speed limits today.

"There is room for improvement however, with about 3 in 10 drivers who exceed the speed limit on both metro and regional roads.

"The data in this report will be used to inform education campaigns and strategies that encourage non compliant drivers who push the limits to slow down for their own safety, that of their passengers and other road users”.
The 2018 reports also found:
  • Drivers recorded the best compliance with speed limits on weekdays.
  • The best compliance was recorded on metro roads on Thursday and Friday.
  • Drivers on regional roads recorded the best compliance on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • On rural roads 4.2% of drivers were recorded travelling at more than 10km/h over the speed limit
  • In the metro area, 3.4% of drivers travelled at more than 10km/h over the posted speed limit.
  • The percentage of motorcycle riders exceeding the speed limit by more than 10km/h was 13.5% in 2018.
Main Roads WA has conducted 13 speed surveys on metropolitan and regional WA roads between 2000 and 2018, using speed measuring devices known as ‘black strips’ that are placed across the road at around 200 WA locations.

The reports can be downloaded from the Road Safety Commission website: