Safety expert calls on telcos’ help with distraction

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11 May 2017

A Road Safety Forum in Perth has heard that a holistic approach was needed for safer roads and improved driver behaviour, with the onus on telecommunications companies to help prevent driver distraction by mobile phones.

The President of the Australasian College of Road Safety, Lauchlan McIntosh AM told the Road Safety Commission forum that phone companies such as Telstra should play a part in reducing the number of deaths on the road.

We all love to be connected,' he said. It’s unrealistic to expect that somebody walking down the street sending emails will put the phone away when they sit in their car.

“I’ve already spoken to some Directors at Telstra, and they’ve said ‘Lauchlan, it’s too hard’.

“But it’s not too hard. They’ve caused the problem, they have to be part of the solution."

Mr McIntosh also told the audience that a whole of Government approach was needed to reduce road trauma, including road safety management, regional health, vehicle safety, public health and disability and community services.

"Rather than focusing on the penalties we receive when we speed we should be thinking about the limitations of roads and our capabilities," he said.

'There are simple things we can do. There is huge hope but we have to stretch the agenda,' he said.

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia and Australasian College of Road Safety President Lauchlan McIntosh will be available to interested media at 2pm today at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.


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