Saving Lives Together

Take the Fatality Free Friday Pledge

The Road Safety Council is urging all Western Australians to make a pledge to ensure that Friday 31 May is fatality free on our roads.

29 May 2019
“While we would like every day to be fatality free, this annual call to action brings road safety to the front of people’s minds,” said Road Safety Council Chairman, Iain Cameron.
“Fatality Free Friday is a day to remember to lock away the mobile phone, watch the speedometer, and watch out for others like pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists,” he said.
“But with about 70% of crashes occurring as a result of driver mistakes, it’s also a day to ensure you’re driving after a good night’s sleep and that you’re concentrating fully on the road.”
The Australian Road Safety Foundation says that more than a million people are killed each year in road crashes around the world.
In Australia around 1200 people are killed each year and for every death approximately 10 people are injured.
“These figures are shocking and highlight the need for urgent action,” said ARSF founder and CEO, Russell White.
“We believe that if drivers in Australia consciously think about road safety and safe driving for just one Friday in the year, that day’s toll – statistically about 5.3* deaths – could be reduced to zero. That’s our aim. Not a single road death in Australia for just one day. Just one Fatality Free Friday,” he said.
This is the 12th Fatality Free Friday to be held across the world.
Please make your pledge to drive safely on 31 May 2019 on the Australian Road Safety Foundation website and encourage others to take part, by organising an event such as a Fatality Free Friday morning tea.
* DataSource: Australian Transport Safety Bureau