WA drivers more accountable under new laws

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12 Dec 2016

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia has welcomed the passing of amendments to the Road Traffic Legislation Amendment Act (No. 2) 2015.

The amendments that came into effect on November 28th this year include:

  • A new charge of careless driving causing death, grievous bodily harm and bodily harm and an increase in penalties for careless driving;
  • Introduction of alcohol restrictions for supervisors of learner drivers;
  • And a person sent to prison for driving offences will only start a period of licence disqualification once they have been released.

Mr Papalia said the changes to the careless driving legislation allowed more flexibility for the WA judicial system.

“Until now, the largest penalty the courts could impose on a person convicted of careless driving was a $600 fine,” said Mr Papalia.

“The new careless driving law allows judges to impose more appropriate penalties where careless driving has led to someone being killed or seriously injured on our roads.”

The maximum penalties for the new offences are three years imprisonment and a $36,000 fine, and a licence disqualification for no less than three months.

Those supervising learner drivers are now subject to new alcohol and drug restrictions.

“Remarkably, anyone supervising a learner driver in Western Australia could do so after drinking alcohol,” said Mr Papalia.

“We need to set a good example for our learner drivers, so it is now an offence for any instructors, professional or Mum or Dad, to have a blood alcohol content of or above 0.05.”

Penalties for those caught drink driving while supervising a learner driver faces a fine from $300 to $500.

A person who is imprisoned for driving offences will now have to serve any licence disqualification after their release from jail.


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