Forrest Highway safety camera zone goes live

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05 Sep 2017

The Forrest Highway Average Speed Safety Camera Zone will be switched on tomorrow, with infringements issued to drivers exceeding the speed limit.
The Forrest Highway cameras measure the average speed of vehicles travelling north and southbound within the 27-kilometre zone, between Lake Clifton and Binningup.
The average speed of each vehicle is then compared to the posted speed limit, with infringements issued to those drivers caught exceeding the limit.
Drivers travelling over the limit can also be detected at the entry and exit points of the zone.
Acting Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron said the camera zone is designed to slow drivers down within the notorious stretch of Forrest Highway.
“Between 2009 and 2016, there were 183 crashes that resulted in 8 people killed and 28 people seriously injured,” said Mr Cameron.
“The public has received ample warning that these cameras will be switched on from tomorrow, so there is no excuse if you are caught speeding within the zone.
“Average Speed Safety Cameras are another tool to help save lives and make WA roads safer.”


Claire Thomas

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