New campaign targets three biggest killers on WA roads

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28 Nov 2016

The State Government will tackle three of the biggest killers on regional roads with a new road safety campaign aimed at WA drivers who often push the limits of safety and the law.

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia said it’s been a tragic year for drivers in regional areas, with a spike in deaths on regional roads, compared to the number of fatalities on metropolitan roads.

“Tragically, the spike in regional road deaths in WA reflects a national trend, and more needs to be done to stop fatalities on our country roads,” said Mr Papalia.
The campaign asks drivers to reconsider their priorities behind the wheel, those drivers who regularly creep over the speed limit, push the drink driving limit and get easily distracted by their phone.
Between the 1st of January and September 30th this year, more than half (55%) of all fatalities were in a crash where speed, alcohol or inattention were a factor.*

Further, in the year to date:
  • Speed was a factor in around 35% of all fatalities.*

  • 46 of all fatalities were in an alcohol related crash.*

  • Around 15% of all fatalities were in an inattention related crash.*

“Those West Australian drivers who do push the limits need to take responsibility for their actions and change their behaviour, because that is what will ultimately save lives,” said Mr Papalia.

Centurion will deliver the campaign’s drink driving message directly to regional drivers.

Four semi-trailers will be used as mobile billboards along routes on Great Northern Highway, Brand Highway, North West Coastal Highway, and Great Eastern Highway.

“This partnership between the Road Safety Commission and Centurion Transport is critical, because it hand delivers an important road safety message to a larger regional audience,” said Mr Papalia.

Centurion Chief Executive Justin Cardaci said the organisation was proud to be part of the Government’s new road safety campaign.

As a business that services the regions we recognise the regional road toll is an issue in the State, and if we can help save the life of even one person then we will have been doing our bit.

The three-pronged ‘Priorities’ campaign completes the State Government’s five major road safety campaigns for 2016/17, and follows the landmark Zero Heroes and Risk Takers campaigns.

Please visit the drink driving, speeding and distractions pages for information and tips for staying safe on our roads. Visit the campaign materials page to view the new advertising.


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