Road safety concerns at Red Hill Quarry

RSC has joined forces with the owner of Boral/Midland Brick land on Toodyay Road & the EMRC in a bid to stop risky road safety issue.

10 Jan 2017

The Road Safety Commission has joined forces with the owner of Boral/Midland Brick land on Toodyay Road and the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) in a bid to stop a potentially hazardous and risky road safety issue.

Members of the public have been illegally accessing the old Red Hill Quarry site which has filled with water and is being used as an illegal swimming hole and water park.

A high volume of vehicles is being parked on Toodyay Road in Red Hill, exposing the drivers, passengers and other road users to a potentially dangerous road safety situation.

Toodyay Road already experiences a high volume of traffic, has the highest fatal and serious crashes per kilometre and is regularly used by recreational riders, tourists, industry vehicles, commuters.

EMRC’s Red Hill Waste Management Facility across the road from the quarry access is located within this vicinity.

‘We recognise that Boral/Midland Brick have been doing their best to prosecute people from illegal entry, and their efforts have also included blocking access to the track into the old quarry,’ EMRC CEO Peter Schneider said.

'There have been sightings of not just pedestrian traffic, but also people trying to gain access with jet skis, motorbikes and 4 wheel drives.

‘Road safety is a priority for the EMRC and we are committed to supporting Boral/Midland Brick and working with the Road Safety Commission and the community to ensure the safety of all road users in the area.’

‘The dangers are not restricted to road safety alone either’, said Boral/Midland Brick General Manager Greg Smith.

‘The old quarry site is on private property and unauthorised access is trespassing.

‘The site is not a safe location for people to be accessing and we strongly support the Commissioner's plea to those members of the public who have been unlawfully accessing the site to stop risking their own safety and to stop putting the safety of other road users at risk’.

‘With the current road fatality situation being high last year, and a disastrous start to 2017, road safety authorities will do all we can to alert the community to the dangers of this situation and stop this practice as soon as we can,’ said Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia.

‘Toodyay Road is already a busy road with a high traffic volume, and this interaction with people parking and walking along this busy road is a frightening situation for all of us.

‘While we understand the attraction for getting cool in these hot summer days, we would urge people to undertake those water sports and activities in an appropriate area and to be aware of the dangerous road safety situation they are creating and putting everyone in around this practice’.