WA truckies’ tips for safe Labour Day weekend

The Road Safety Commission and WA Road Transport Association have worked together in a bid to prevent a repeat of the tragic 2016 Labour Day long weekend on WA roads.

27 Feb 2017

In the ‘Tips from Truckies’ videos, real-life West Australian truckies who are on regional and metro roads every day, share safe driving tips applicable to both truck drivers and other road users alike.

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia said the ‘Tips from Truckies’ videos are vital in helping all drivers understand the importance of sharing the roads ahead of a busy time across the state.

“Many road users spend the majority of their time in the metro area and don’t interact with heavy vehicles very often,” said Mr Papalia.

“It can be intimidating and there is a degree of uncertainty from those drivers, so it is extremely valuable to have this engagement with truck drivers, and listen to their observations and advice, as we head into a long weekend with high volumes of traffic on the road.”

Heavy haulage driver Rob has asked other road users to consider the time and space trucks need to come to a stop at traffic lights, intersections and in an emergency situation.

“Do not pull in front of my truck as I weigh 84 tonnes and that’s going to take me roughly 200 metres to stop,” said Rob.

“I want to be going home to my family at the end of the weekend, we both share the roads together and a bit of courtesy goes both ways.”

The first Tips from Truckies video can now be viewed on the Road Safety Commission’s Facebook and Twitter pages.