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Translating research into practice

The Road Safety Commission adopts an evidence based approach to policy development. This includes utilising contemporary research to inform policy design and evaluate policy effectiveness in meeting intended road safety outcomes.
Research helps us to understand our local road safety problems -  what works, strategies and initiatives to improve and our degree of responsiveness to emerging road safety issues.
The research program is informed by the Road Safety Research Review Committee (RSRRC) Chaired by the Commission’s Assistant Director Strategy and Policy.
The RSRRC is a sub-committee to the Road Safety Council with representation from across government and community.

Road Safety Research Forum


In 2018, the Commission launched its inaugural Road Safety Research Forum to showcase important road safety research in Western Australia.

The 2018 Road Safety Research Forum included presentations from research and policy practitioners across the following topics and Q and A sessions:

  • Safe roads and roadsides.
    • evolution of the run off road program
    • intersection performance
  • Safe road use.
    • illicit drug related crash and offences
    • alcohol related crashes
    • fatigue driving
  • The future - emerging road safety issues.
    • speed management
    • autonomous/automated vehicles

Video presentations from the Research Forum

Research Forum presentation part 1
Research Forum presentation part 2
Research Forum presentation part 3

Research Forum biographies

Speakers bios


4 May 2018 - Road Safety Research Forum

The forum was supported by the Road Safety Council, Road Safety Research Review Committee (sub-committee to the Council) and hosted by the Road Safety Commission. The day included a series of sessions involving presenters from Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre (C-MARC) as well as government officers with a stake in the relevant actions and recommendations that flow from the research.

The intent of the Forum was to show case local road safety research and demonstrate its application within road safety policy and practice.

The event was attended by approximately 100 stakeholders and was captured on video to enable ongoing viewing of those who were unable to attend (such as regional and remote stakeholders). An overview of the forum can be found on the Commission' website including video footage.

Contributions by government and community organisations were also a highlight and emphasised the collective ownership of road safety across the community. The Commission's ability to continue to harness relationships with all stakeholders is something the Committee prides itself.

The Forum also benefited by forging relationships with new stakeholders and thereby increase the ability to influence and advocate for road safety across new contexts.