Mass Media Review

The Government made a commitment to review the effectiveness of road safety mass media education campaigns and in early 2014, Enth Degree was engaged to undertake this review.
The final report was received on 5 June 2014, and outlined recommendations and process enhancements to ensure that the Government was receiving best value for money in mass media campaigns. Research from this report also identified examples and advocates of the positive role advertising plays in social marketing.
The report confirmed that substantial commitment in community education is required to help reduce road trauma. As outlined in Towards Zero, influencing road user behaviour through safe road use education and enforcement initiatives has the potential to save 2,200 people from being killed or seriously injured over the life of the strategy.

The recommendations outlined in this report will ensure the right processes are being implemented in future mass media planning and evaluation to achieve the greatest effectiveness in road safety messaging to the community.
Some of the report’s recommendations have already been implemented, with others to be undertaken in the 2015/16 financial year plan of campaigns. Late last year, the ORS ran education campaigns focussing on legislation changes and distractions, with interstate advertisements sourced to support the road safety messages.
Under the advice of the report’s recommendations, these campaigns also comprised varying mediums of mass media. These included television, radio, press, online, digital, social media and outdoor – inclusive of billboards, which are an important component of regional community education campaigns.