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Fog lights

High beam lights

High beam lights are not permitted:

  • if you’re driving less than 200m behind a vehicle
  • if an oncoming vehicle is less than 200m or has its headlights dipped.

Fog lights

Fog lights can be used in foggy conditions, dust storms or heavy rain. But do not drive with both headlights and fog lights at the same time.

In foggy conditions:

  • drive slowly
  • turn on windshield wipers
  • don’t use high beam headlights.

Driving a motor vehicle with both headlights and fog lights operating is an offence. A person should not drive a motor vehicle displaying light from a front fog light or lights, if any other light greater than 7 watts and capable of showing white light to the front, is alight. Fog lights should only be used with side or parking lights in adverse weather conditions.

Inappropriate use of headlights / high beams / fog lights$1001

Daytime running lights

Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are bright headlights that are illuminated during the day in order to make vehicles more visible. DRLs have been shown to improve vehicle visibility and estimation of distance resulting in reduced crash rates. A Western Australian study showed vehicles with DRLs were more than 8 times safer than those without.

The information available on our website provides a simple interpretation of the law and is not intended to constitute legal advice. Full details of traffic offences and penalties are contained in the Road Traffic Code 2000.