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Most rules that apply to motor vehicle drivers also apply to motorcyclists. 

However, some rules are specific to motorcyclists.

Riders and pillion passengers  
failing to wear an approved helmet$5504
Motorcycle riders  
failing to sit astride the seat, facing forwards$1003
failing to ride with at least one hand on the handlebars$1003
failing to keep both feet on footrests designed for the driver$1003
Passengers on 2-wheeled motorcycles  
ride on a road with more than one passenger$100 
riding a motorcycle with a passenger who has not attained 8 years of age$100 
Trikes and sidecars riders  
ride with more passengers than a sidecar or passenger seat is designed to carry$1003
ride on a road with a passenger seated unsafely$1003
ride on a road with a passenger who has not attained 8 years of age, unless that passenger is in a sidecar$1003
Passengers on trikes and sidecars riders  
ride in a sidecar seated unsafely$100 
Animals on motorcycles  
riding a motorcycle with an animal between the rider and the handlebars$1001

Animals on motorcycles

The rider of a motorcycle shall not ride with an animal on the part of the motorcycle between the rider and the handlebars.

However, this does not apply to a person who rides with an animal on a motorcycle for a distance of not more than 500 metres on a road for the purposes of a farming activity that the person is carrying out, provided it is safe to do so.

The information available on our website provides a simple interpretation of the law and is not intended to constitute legal advice. Full details of traffic offences and penalties are contained in the Road Traffic Code 2000.