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Radar detectors

New laws banning radar detectors.

WA drivers caught with a radar detector in their vehicle will be subject to hefty new penalties from 12 October 2020.
This will bring WA into line with all other jurisdictions around the country, the last of which banned radar detectors two decades ago.
In referring to radar detectors, the new law encompasses any device which is capable of detecting the operation of the speed measuring equipment, regardless of whether they detect them by radar or some other emission. 
Drivers of any vehicle including cars, trucks, heavy and light vehicles, which have a radar detector fitted to, within or on – operational or not – will be subject to the new penalties.
Drivers are also banned from having them in a trailer or caravan being towed by the vehicle.
Offence from 12 October 2020PenaltyDemerits
When driving a heavy vehicle.$1,5007
When driving a motor vehicle other than a heavy vehicle.$1,2007



What is a radar detector?
Radar detector means a device or other equipment that is capable of detecting the operation of;
  • An average speed detection system.
  • Speed measuring and recording equipment, or
  • Speed measuring equipment.
When do I have to take my radar detector out of my vehicle?
The legislation commences on 12 October 2020, any devices capable of detecting the operation of speed detection or speed measuring systems must be removed from the vehicle prior to this date.
Is there a grace period after 12 October to remove it from my vehicle?
Penalties will be applicable from 12 October 2020.
What is the penalty for having a radar detector installed in a vehicle?
For a motor vehicle that is not a heavy vehicleInfringementDemerit Points
During a holiday period $1200$1,20014
Other than a holiday period $1200$1,2007
For a motor vehicle that is a heavy vehicle
During a holiday period $1500$1,50014
Other than a holiday period $1500$15007
Who does this ban apply to?
All motor vehicles including heavy vehicles, light vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, semi-trailers or caravans.
Can I have my radar detector installed in my caravan or trailer?
Trailers, semi-trailers or caravans while attached to the vehicle are considered motor vehicles in WA legislation.
Can I have it in my vehicle if it's switched off?
It is Illegal to have the radar detector installed, whether operational or not.
I use my radar detector as a sensor for other functions such as parking, SWS etc. Can I still have it installed?
Standalone devices which perform these functions are available to purchase. Drive to conditions and do not rely on Safety Warning Systems, research has shown these to be ineffective.
Are apps like WAZE included in this ban?
Google Maps and WAZE are phone applications not pieces of equipment independently capable of detecting radars. However, be cognisant that your phone must be used in accordance with WA mobile phone legislation.

GPS maybe used by a driver whilst driving provided the phone is mounted in a cradle affixed to the vehicle and no touch of the keypad or screen is required.
Do double demerits apply to radar detectors?
Double demerits will apply to the use of radar detectors.

The offence will incur 14 demerit points during a holiday period which will result in loss of license.
Is Lidar technology and similar included in the ban or just radar?
Radar detectors is an all-encompassing term which includes any technology capable of detecting speed measuring equipment.
How will police be enforcing this?
Police have the power to issue infringements, seize these devices from vehicles and prosecute an offender in court.