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Securing loads & towing

You must not drive a vehicle that is carrying a load:

  • If the load makes the vehicle unstable or otherwise unsafe;
  • If the load projects from the vehicle in a way that could injure a person, obstruct the path of other drivers or pedestrians, or damage a vehicle or anything else (including the road surface);
  • Unless the load is restrained on the vehicle so that the load, or any portion of it is unlikely to fall or become dislodged from its restraints.

The restraints must be appropriate for the load being carried and loads comprising of grain must be covered or enclosed.

Failure to properly secure a load.$1500

Unsecured load unsafe road

The Keep Australian Beautiful Council has a campaign called 'Unsecured Load Unsafe Road' which educates the community on the dangers of driving with an unsecured load on their vehicle. The campaign looks at the risks littering on Western Australian roads can cause to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Under the Litter Act 1979, littering of sand, soil and debris, which comes off a vehicle because it is not properly secured is illegal and can lead to a $200 on the spot penalty.

Visit the Keep Australia Beautiful website to find out more information about the campaign, enter a competition to win a tie down pack and download community resources.


If you are going to tow a caravan, trailer or boat, be sure you know the legal load limit for your vehicle and make sure your load is well secured. Heavy or poorly-secured loads can cause rollovers and accidents.

Add 200kg to the weight shown on the vehicle licence paper to allow for bedding, travelling gear, stores and equipment.

The legal speed limit outside a built-up area, unless otherwise signposted, for a vehicle towing a trailer or caravan is 100 km/h.
If your car and caravan is more than 7.5m long you must keep at least 200m behind any similar car/caravan or long vehicle on all roads outside built-up areas, unless you are overtaking.

Be courteous in sharing the road with other users. Check your rear vision mirror regularly to see if traffic is building up behind you. If you are holding up traffic, pull over and stop when it is safe to do so.

It is not recommended that you tow a caravan on unsealed roads in remote areas such as the Kimberley. If you wish to take a camper-trailer, make sure it has four-wheel-drive tyres with a high clearance and can withstand corrugations and rough road surfaces.

The information available on our website provides a simple interpretation of the law and is not intended to constitute legal advice. Full details of traffic offences and penalties are contained in the Road Traffic Code 2000.