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Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to pack your caravan. The latter can lead to building a fruitful relationship with your insurance provider, while the former will lead to a holiday that’s remembered for all the right reasons. Naturally, the information on this site is general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice or training – which we very much recommend!

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The key is to place most of the weight over the axles, followed by the front of the van and finally the rear. Of course, there is more to consider such as not exceeding the maximum load specified by the trailer manufacturer, so be sure to seek professional advice before hitting the road.

Just like the ballast on a ship, the lower the center of gravity, the more stable the caravan

Caradamn Good Advice - Before purchasing a caravan or trailer, it’s critical you give careful consideration to your vehicle’s towing mass and construction prior to purchase. The towing mass (or towing rating) is found under the towing section in the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook. The rating will include a trailer weight capacity and a trailer ball weight capacity, both of which must not be exceeded.

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In this two-part video series Graham Cawley from the Motor Trade Association of Western Australia covers the basics of towing with novice caravanner Adrian Alaberg. Graham offers handy tips and simple rules to follow on the road to help you remember your road trip for all the right reasons (and none of the wrong ones).


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