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distance travelled blind at 60km/h

road deaths caused by inattention in 2018


more likely to crash when using a phone.

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Know the distance of distraction

Research shows that 95% of WA drivers acknowledge the danger of using a mobile phone while driving (source: Kantar Public research, May 2018).

But consider this, regardless of the distraction, if you glance away from the road when driving for just two seconds (at 60km/h), you're effectively driving blind for 33 metres. Even worse, at 100km/h, you miss 55 metres of road.

It might only be a second or two, but if you’re changing a song on your playlist, finding your sunnies, or even doing your make-up, you’re not looking at the road ahead.

Do you know the distance of distraction?

Use this distance of distraction calculator to understand how far you’ll travel in just two seconds.
Think about the distance of distraction, before you take your eyes off the road.

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