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Physics of Speed

Fatalities on WA roads so far for 2019

You decide your speed.
Physics decides the rest.

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Stopping distance quick facts

Select a speed below to see how the chances of a pedestrian surviving a crash reduces with an increasing impact speed.



How long it takes to stop?

Select a speed below to see how it affects the time to react and stop whether you're driving a car or truck or riding a motorcycle.




Dry 9m

Wet 13m

Total distance to stop: 26m — 30m




Dry 13m

Wet 18m

Total distance to stop: 26m — 30m




Dry 9m

Wet 18m

Total distance to stop: 20m — 29m

Tunnel vision effect

See how speed affects your peripheral vision.

Photo of a country road Photo of a country road - blurred

Factors affecting stopping distance

  • Attention icon


    Good concentration allows drivers to notice hazards and make decisions about the best way to react.

  • Fatigue icon


    Fatigue slows reaction time and reflexes. Get 7.5 hours sleep before a long drive.

  • Vision Impairment icon

    Alcohol and Drugs

    Alcohol slows reaction times, while drugs can lead drivers to overestimate their abilities.

  • Age & Experience icon

    Age and Experience

    Young people have sharper senses but older people have more experience.

  • Vehicle Age icon

    Vehicle Age

    Older vehicles may not have five-star safety ratings, check ANCAP.

  • Type & Conditions of Tyres icon

    Type and Condition of Tyres

    It’s important to check your vehicle’s tyre pressure.

  • Safety Features of Vehicle icon

    Safety Features of Vehicle

    Look for Anti-lock braking Systems and Auto Emergency Braking.

  • Vehicle Weight icon

    Vehicle Weight

    Ensure loads are positioned near the front of the vehicle and allow longer slowing time.

  • Road Surface icon

    Road Surface

    Gravel shoulders can cause vehicles to skid off the road.

  • Road Gradient icon

    Road Gradient

    Be aware that it’s easy to pick up speed down hills.

  • Road Alignment icon

    Road Alignment

    Even slight curves can cause vehicles to leave the road.

  • Weather Conditions icon

    Weather Conditions

    Slow down in slippery conditions as braking distance is longer.