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Your licence

Getting your licence

The Department of Transport website has a comprehensive list of the steps you need to take to get a driver’s licence in Western Australia.
You can also find out about getting your moped licence and the Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System.

Licence rules

Freedom comes with responsibility. To reduce the risk of novice drivers being involved in road crashes, there are safety measures and restrictions in place.
  • The appropriate L or P plate must be displayed at all times. Plates can be purchased or printed at home.
  • All L and P plate drivers must drive with a zero blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at all times.
  • Learner drivers must complete a minimum of 50 supervised driving hours prior to being granted a WA driver's licence. Five of these hours must be completed at night (between sunset and sunrise). The 50 hours can be completed at any time either before or after the Hazard Perception Test but must be completed before the learner's permit holder can sit the Practical Driving Assessment (Applicants aged 25 years and older are exempt from the requirement to complete a Log Book).
  • Provisional licence holders are not permitted to drive between 12am and 5am, however employment and education exceptions may apply. Learner drivers are not subject to night time restrictions.
  • Novice drivers are subject to a graduated demerit point system. You are classified as a Novice Driver Type 1 if you’ve held a driver's licence for a period of at least one year or periods adding up to one year and includes a first time learner's permit holder. These drivers can have 3 demerit points against their licence. A Novice Driver Type 2 is a person who has held a driver's licence for more than 1 year but less than two 2 years. This driver can have 7 demerit points against their licence.